Health Benefits of Tuna for Children

January 16 , 2018

Some of the Health Benefits of tuna fish in your child’s diet include its ability to boost the immune system, prevent obesity, rich source of B Vitamins, improve the metabolism, increase the efficiency of organ systems, rich source of protein, etc. Among the most popular fish is tuna. This salt-water fish is found in salads, casseroles, sandwiches, and more. Of the various types of tuna, white tuna or light tuna are the most popular ones. When to Introduce Tune to your Child? Different parents have different ideas on introducing tuna to their children. Although many people believe that there is no harm in eating Tuna, there are others who also believe that it should not be introduced to children until they reach a certain age. It is suggested by most experts that tuna is fine for young children, only when given in moderation, as long as accompanied with some precautions while introducing a new food to your child. However, when choosing about when to introduce your child to tuna, take note of any food allergies in the family. Remember, food allergies can be genetic. Health Benefits of Tuna in your Child's Diet: 1. Prevents Obesity 2. Boosts Immune System 3. Supply of B Vitamins 4. Higher energy Levels 5. Loaded with proteins

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