An Exceptional Milestone

1996…and the journey began

Backed up by 24 years of solid expertise in the seafood world, Siblou has built a rich culture which has and is still positively enriching consumers’ culinary seafood experience with its wide range of distinct and high-end products.

Throughout the years, the journey was marked with a challenge to deal with a commodity as vulnerable as seafood, a challenge to ensure reliable and consistent supply, a challenge to continuously develop superior products to cater for the culturally diversified and sophisticated needs of consumers.

The emblem of Siblou’s success is the ability to merge between in-depth solid expertise and well-mastered potential to overcome all the challenges while maintaining the required standardized outcome of every project launched.

Yet, that wasn’t sufficient for the company that has continuously sought to raise the bar high and achieve market leadership for Siblou. Our broad expertise and thorough research were the driving force behind our strict purchasing standards and specifications, ensuring the selection of only the finest and freshest seafood from prime fishing areas around the globe. Most of the facilities we are engaged with are EU approved and H.A.C.C.P. certified to guarantee consistency in quality and freshness through an up-to-date Quality Control system.

The Journey Continues

With a portfolio comprising more than 90 products, Siblou is today leading in product line variety hence enriching the seafood category in both the retail and foodservice sectors.

Also being at the forefront of the latest culinary trends, consumer insights and quality practices, the brand portfolio is designed to offer consistent consumer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service. In spite of all the cultural differences, more than 400 million consumers can enjoy Siblou products in over 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa & Europe.
Our secret to success - Our People. Our Partners.
It is with the effort and continuous support of a network of international suppliers in the five continents; the enthusiasm of a dedicated team in our main facilities in Lebanon & Vietnam; and the commitment of professional distributors in international markets, that we have set strong foundations for our global expansion.

Thank you all for your devotion to Siblou.

A Glance at the Future

Our aim is to further develop Siblou’s global business strategy to become the leading seafood brand in the retail world.
The know-how, the way we manage our business in every aspect, and the proven ability to bridge cultures across borders, are what underpin our vision.

Our mission, coupled with strong commitment, is to continuously develop new and innovative products that meet the culinary requirements of a fast evolving world.

For this, we use top-notch resources to provide the best to customers and consumers which is the foundation of everything we do. At Siblou we offer you “All the Goodness of the Sea”.