Cool Facts About Shrimps

July 21 , 2017

Here are some interesting facts that you probably didn't know about shrimps: 1. They dance: To attract fish, cleaning shrimp wave their white antennae and do a little dance. Several shrimp species, known as cleaners, safely venture inside the open mouths of fishes to remove bloodsucking parasites. 2. They are defenders of the deep: Coral shrimp in the Indo-Pacific live exclusively in association with corals, dining on their host's mucus and protecting the coral from predators. 3. They are loud: Snapping shrimp make louder sounds than any other marine animals, producing a noise with their claws that is greater than a gunshot or jet engine. Navy submarines sometimes hide in beds of snapping shrimp to disguise their location from sonar detection. 4. They are strong: Harlequin shrimp, from the Pacific and Indian oceans, use their flat, oversize claws to sever arms from sea stars for food. 5. They know how to reproduce: Most shrimp are breeding machines -- within hours after their eggs hatch, females are carrying a new batch of fertilized embryos.

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